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Raising awareness of the importance of specializations and majors, and their role in development, through students who are aware of their roles and talents.


Enabling a creative and influential generation in our society


Our vision

An advisory platform to support education.

Our Mission

The most influential umbrella, supporting both students and educational workers, to build a social impact by spreading awareness, launching initiatives, capacity building, and linking main actors in the field

Our Story

The organization’s journey began in 2004, with a group of youth from all around the Arab world, these young ladies and gentlemen were united by a goal, to contribute to the development and welfare of their countries. In the first couple of years, the organization was serving in different developmental areas: education, health, technology, accompanied with awareness raising. With the passage of years, Life Maker’s-Sudan experience in the field of education increased and the needs were pressing in this sector. To create more focus and build impact, the organization’s strategy has shifted to specializing in development of education and to transform all previous experience and invest in youth education, as this is the best guarantee for the future.

Our Objectives

 Enabling students to be effective and influential role models in their society.

An incubator to spread awareness and launch educational projects.

Creating links and networks between education workers in the field, locally and internationally.

Providing digital solutions and a supporting database to support the education field in Sudan.

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The Nubian Tower, Khartoum2, Khartoum, Sudan


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